Aura reading is elkaar ontmoeten

In Ontmoeten ontstaat Magie. Vanuit de spanning tussen vergeten en herinneren ontstaat Magie. Uit de mist van de ochtend en het mysterie van de schepping ontstaat de magie die we Leven noemen.
Lynn Andrews, The Power Deck

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One In Conversation With One (One to One)
You in conversation with Yourself
You  talking to Supreme Being

Core of this programme

Being You, Being free, You with yourself, autonomous, authentic, in your own universe Being yourself. (Re)discovering your own heaven and creating go-to/dare/learn from that space and reviewing choices … Completely One with yourself

Purpose(s)… Make your choice…

  • Getting everyone out of your space, from the past, the present and the future.
  • Freeing you from any form of spiritual control
  • Discover your original (Soul) Essence and see how you, as a Being, develop.
  • Learning to die, learning to incarnate
  • Discover how you create as a Being
  • Knowing your path
  • Learning about family, about genetic information
  • Integrating the physical, spiritual and personal
  • Experience a spiritual energy adventure, discovering and traveling in your own Heaven!


To have followed an aura reading programme somewhere or to have laid a foundation in some other way, which makes it possible to do this kind of meditation. Contact us if you are interested and we can look at it together.

My role

is that of Guide and Tour Guide in how you can enter and edit your ‘OTO’ space without the intervention of others. I found my guide for my inner attitude nicely expressed in the following quote:

…It is not appropriate to interfere with or question choices. It is particularly inappropriate to condemn them… Whatever is ‘appropriate’ to observe them and then do whatever can be done to help the soul to make ‘higher choices’… Let each soul go its own way… From Donald Walsch, an unusual conversation with God.


16 meditation sessions, each with its own theme and spiritual tools with about a month between sessions. They last, depending on yourself and how much time you take for each meditation between an hour and 2 hours. You do your own ‘work’, I reach for and follow. Occasionally a ‘group meeting’ with others, who are following or have already followed this program. All sessions are recorded. Halfway through a separate session with Yvonne Kanis via Skype or the phone (she lives in the USA) as a check on your growth in this program.


Costs: 135 euro per session. (The session with Yvonne is part of the program and does not involve any extra costs).

Group meetings

No extra costs for people in the program. You are entitled to at least four free meetings if this is not possible in the time of your programme.
Others: Based on your family income day to day you can choose between € 50,- and € 150,-  (from 1 January 2020 between € 55,- and € 150,-).
Dates can be found in the Agenda.

The individual part can also be done by phone and/or Skype. Your own choice.


This program is inspired and based on the One to One program, once started by Lewis Bostwick as the next step after learning to read auras to get your own personal route in life in sight and in control and further developed by many of his students. Many of whom supported and encouraged me in developing this Dutch ‘EigE’ version.

To three of them..My explicit appreciation and thanks for their support, sharing information, watching and thinking and Hello’s; Marc Shargel, Yvonne Kanis and John Fulton.

In de plaats van stilte en rust wordt ‘kracht’ geboren…
Hoe, wat waar?

Een hands on healing … op een massagabank lig je een uurtje lekker toegedekt. Via zachte aanraking gaan we je lichaam langs en zoeken de energie, die je ervan weerhoud om zelf in je eigen lichaam te kunnen zijn. We ondersteunen je in het loslaten en opruimen van dit soort energie. Zelf.. Jij .. Wezen, wiens lichaam het is.. wiens mogelijkheid is het om daar die energie in te laten stromen en vorm te geven die jouw doel dient op deze planeet. De Healing gebeurt in Rust en Stilte.

Het is vooral Ervaren, Naar Binnen Gaan, Jezelf ontmoeten diep in je lichaamsweefsel, die vele herinneringen herbergt, veel weet, veel je kan vertellen, wat voor jou van belang is..

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